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Sortiment Wilfersdorf


Principatus Zweigelt/Merlot 2015


63% Zweigelt, 37% Merlot / Alcohol: 13,3%

Zweigelt is a relatively new cultivar developed by the Education and Research Center in Klosterneuburg. It dates back to 1922 and was named after its grower, F. Zweigelt. This variety is highly adaptable, yet requires early to medium-ripening sites and prefers deep soils.

Legend has it that the name Merlot comes from Merle (= blackbird), since these birds are rumoured to have a preference for the berries of this grapevine. However, it is not known from where this grape actually originates. It is supposed to have its origin in Bordeaux, because it was described there for the first time in the 18th century. This cuvée is a blend of our Zweigelt and Merlot.

harvest: 20. bis 21.10.2015

filling: 28.09.2016

Harvested at dry and very warm weather. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tank, followed by 15 months in barrique barrel.

dark ruby red colour, coffee, chocolate flavour, blueberry, cassis, plums

Suitable meals: dark meat, game, cheese

€ 16,00

€ 21,33 / litre


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